Thursday, February 22, 2007

squee! doesn't even begin to describe it

So enough with the ethical ponderings already. when i got home today there was a parcel for me on the doorstep! (aside, at our new place we have an itty bitty letterbox. anything that doesn't fit gets left on our doorstep. i'm not sure how i feel about this. our doorstep is out of sight of the road, but there is no gate or anything. sure it's more convenient than our old place, where a note was left and you had to go to the post office to collect things, but it makes us so much more prone to mail theft. opinions?)
anyway, point: i had a parcel from Meshell - the beautiful sewing kit bag she agreed to make me. talk about swap inferiority - this thing surpasses my wildest dreams in fabulous clashing craziness! i can hoenstly assure you that my terrible half-lit-taken-on-fugly-carpet photos do not do sufficient justice. i wanted a 'jaunty me playing with my bag' pic, but badly coloured boy wasn't home to oblige.

isn't it lovely? i asked for red, pink and blue and lots of patterns, and this is what i got! i looooove the log cabin (?) pattern. and all the fabrics. yep. all of them. i can't pick favourites look, pattern on both sides:

and the inside:

the blue and white vintage sewing ads 'thing' is a pin cushion running down the centre (i cant work out what it's been stuffed with - it's so firm!). On the right is a little roll-up pocket. Underneath that little roll, and on the left are more pockets - two layers on the left, two on the right.

and the pocket unrolled (you can't see too well, but the pink print has wee triangles with red and blue detail). i'm so excited about this i haven't even tested it out yet but, hang on - yup! my double pointed needles fit in the medium-ish-narrow pockets in the roll. and i have another pocket earmarked for an unpicker (mine's going to be a bastard knit-and-sewing kit bag).

the attention to detail is just amazing. all the pockets are fully lined, and all the sewing tapes have been individually cut out of that sewing tape fabric. and centred on the pin cushion is an ad for pincushions :)
oh, and neat things Meshell didn't even know: i was going to try a (far simpler) knitting needle roll out of the fabric i got for christmas, and it was going to include the letter-print fabric (but in green) and the sewing tape fabric! so i'll have matchy-matchies, when i get round to trying my hand at
thankyou sooooooooooooo much Meshell, I am just ecstatic about this bag! before sewing things go into it i'm taking it out tonight (to do my grocery shopping. because that's the hip kind of stuff i do). i think i'm going to start carrying sewing supplies everywhere just to show off my beautiful bag. Meshell, if you have better pictures, please post them (so i can link to them/ thieve them and put them on my own blog ;) )


Elizabeth said...

I grew up in a small town with no worry of mail theft, and they always left our packages on our doorstep. Then I moved to a big city, got a 9-5 job (with a commute) and they started leaving notes. However, post office hours suck, making it nearly impossible to make it to the post office to pick up your package! And who wants to a) wait untl Saturday to go get it? or b) take time off of work just to go to the post office?! Now that I have an abnormal work schedule, they leave packages at our door now! Crazy times with the USPS. (I usually just read your blog, but I've got my own blog now and I've decided to come out of the shadows!)

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