Friday, February 23, 2007

well, turned out badly coloured boy's mum came to up to perth last night so we went out to dinner (at that little mexican place (no, that's the name of the restaurant)) and so my bag got a glamourous outing after all. between courses i sat it on my lap and petted it gently.

but the purpose of this post is more public service announcement. i got sent a link to this site. now, we all know how much i love fancy trims, ribbons included. and everything is half price right now and postage is only a few dollars, even to australia. so i bought eight metres of knit-print ribbon... um... what on earth am i going to do with eight metres? about a metre will go on my needle roll.... that leaves seven metres. enough to trim a butterick 4790 dress, in fact. i wish i'd been a little more restrained with the knit-print and bought some woven chairs instead.

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Michelle said...

please be sure to bring the ribbon when you receive it. i can't wait to see it!