Saturday, February 17, 2007

shhh! it's a secret!

no photos, and no real description of what i've been up to, because the What I've Been Up To is getting ready a swap with Miss Meshell (for one of her too cool for school sewing kit bags), and i don't want to ruin what little surprise is left. i don't even want to talk about colours, or textures, or materials but i DO want to because it's such fun, and being a little-ish project, progressing quite quickly (though utterly wrecking my only hand sewing needle!)

hope y'all had a nice valentines day. i and badly coloured boy both worked all day, then i went to an evening seminar at uni. i did hide a card for him in the house, which he found. i unromantically demanded flowers from him when i got home that night, but nothin' doin'. he pointed out he'd taken me out for dinner on the 13th.


littlemissmeshell said...

*massive happy dance*

Michelle said...

I've seen it. very cool. got me wanting to make one too. like i need more projects. sigh.