Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i'm not normally the kind to post yarn i'm utterly lusting over - hell, i don't get yarn lust so very much. merino in any colour and weight is a staple at yarn shops round my way, and that keeps me happy enough.

but dear lord this stuff it beautiful. i love how the two colours are kind of jarring, and don't quite work together, but really do.
it's the Fiber Co's terra yarn. fig & plum posted a picture of some on her blog recently, which led me to hunting the stuff down. and while i've posted the Hollyhock colour, that's no especial favourite. Beet, Henna, Nettle, Black Walnut, Sorrel, Dark Indigo... all good. i think i'd knit with any colour happily. i'm tracking down someone that will ship to australia, in the event that badly coloured boy gets paid, we discover that the car magically serviced itself and that i don't need to go to the dentist leaving him with all this money he desires to lavish on me.

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Michelle said...

mmmm. and the price isn't that bad considering.