Saturday, February 03, 2007

more wendy! more!

this one doesn't gape so much, and i made the back a little narrower. i deliberately cut the facing in the opposite direction to the body. only problem? i cut one piece upside down (the stripes have two narrow line to one side of a wider one, so it shows). couldn't be bothered to recut, so just left it. i feel very lazy in retrospect. but i got the stripes in the bust and the lower body to match up! i am so couture!

you can't really see it, but the binding is tartan. i was going to make tartan covered buttons for the trim, but the shanks on my self-covering buttons are really long, and when sewn to the top they sag, and don't look very nice. you can see the bottom one sadly drooping there. so I'm a bit stuck for a trim right now. Maybe I'll just put a brooch on it. i have a cute little silver swirly leaf brooch that fits perfectly.

aside, are you american? want to help me out? want fabulous australian goodies? go check out my desperate plea for a(nother) BBW pattern.

next stop? i'm so close to finishing anatolia i can taste in (mmm... woolly!)
then i'm going to make a cowboy shirt out of that brown-ish kind of checked fabric below.


Michelle said...

I emailed my mum and sisters to see if anyone stops by the craft shops or Walmart in the US. Can't guarantee anything though. Can't get them to sent me my favorite cereal or even kool-aid.


melissa said...

let me know if there are a few that you'd like. i heard that the local sewing shop was selling them ridiculously discounted. i'm going to pick up several for myself and can get a few for you also!

jazzyknits said...

wow, this is so great claire, I love it, well done :)

littlemissmeshell said...

Hey you! I've looked everywhere for your email but can't find it, bah! So I was wondering if you were still interested in the sewing bag as I've finally got my machine back. If you are and could email me with what fabrics/colours and prints you are in to and any specs that would be great! And if not then that is totally fine too =)

Your second top is amazing also! Guess what, I made a skirt yesterday and it worked, it's wearable and I LIKE it, crazy. I think it's just tops that I have huge problems with for some reason...maybe because skirts really only have to fit around the waist and then hang? Hmm.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday xox

My Marrakech said...

I love empire waisted tops like this. So flattering.

Molly/silverfairy2 said...

I was wondering if anyone has come through on this pattern for you?
my email is silverfairy2 at yahoo dot com if I can help?

Take care,