Saturday, February 24, 2007

weeny adjustments

taking out my new sewing bag on thursday night (and to a party on friday) i have found a weeny structural issue. i am rather slapdash with my handbags, and tend to throw them about a bit. and that tends to make things fall out of the roll.
solution? deep breath, convince self that one will not wreck one's awesome new bag, de-yellow the tape measure fabric*, and make a little flap for the roll.

i don't actually own a whole lot of fabric, and the fabric in my new bag was so utterly wonderful that i'm feeling very lucky that i got some of the tape measure print for christmas. mine's in a different colourway to Meshell's, so there's another shade of blue added to my bag now. i lined the flap in white cotton (all i had in non-textured pure cotton in the right shades).

i hope that Meshell won't mind if i suggest that a flap on the roll of her bags might be a slight improvement on the design that she might want to consider in future?

* the tape measure print fabric in any colourway has a yellow tape measure between the red and blue. i really don't like the colour yellow. Meshell told me about how she had to pleat the yellow stripe out of the fabric on the handles. i had to do the same to make the flap.

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littlemissmeshell said...

You are a GENIUS!! Oh that is such a fabulous idea...and ahaha that you de-yellowed the fabric too! Now, did you sew it down each side too? Or just leave it really flappy?

*brain pondering flappyness...*

I've also pondered a way to get the sides to close up when the bag is closed, because it's very open plan at the moment right? But it's hard as those things can get really fat when stuffed with supplies, and something like a zip around the outside may constrict how much can be shoved in to it. Also, the being able to open out and lay flat is the whole point, so it couldn't be something that restricts that either