Monday, May 21, 2007

I say!

Check it out. Locher's are taking the purpose and function of machine embroidery to a whole new level. I rather like some of these, and I really like the idea, but wish I has access to an embroidery machine. None is *quite* perfect (thought I'm seriously tempted by Tops 2 and 3). Some of the phrases are a leetle cliched, or I would be uncomfortable wearing them ('I play rough', fine. 'Good luck, motherf*cker', fine. 'Sorry boys, good girls swallow', not fine in my delicately calibrated offence-o-meter). I don't particularly like those that make the phrase overtly obvious (across the back, say). It takes away from the assumption that it's some girly little slogan dropped 'mongst the flowers.


pen & purl said...

Locher's are great! When I first found them, I was sure I was going to buy one, then I couldn't make up my mind and none of them seemed quite right. Gorgeous cut to the top, wrong slogan. Adore the embroidery, but not the sleeves. So I didn't buy any. Love the concept though and only wish I could sew and embroider. :/

DelightfulJen said...

I love them, but like you I don't know if I agree with some of the slogan, especially the obviously placed ones and like pen & purl there isn't one top that I think has a good slogan and a good cut. I think 5 is my pick, but I don't particular love the slogan, it's a bit...nothing.

I like the idea though, and most of the floral embroidery is very cute. I do wonder though if you just top a top you did like to one one of those embroidery shops in the mall whether they could do something similar? I couldn't be bothered to done one by hand :P

Elin said...

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Scribbles & Bits said...

I'm with you: cute idea, but not the right combination. I like things just little more "wearable around the grandparents."

Zia said...

Hi lupinbunny!

I get a real buzz when I see other bloggers have linked me. :)

Although chesnuts can be found at most of our local supermarkets when in season, I haven't met anybody that has tasted them. Have you, and do you like them?

Have a great day.