Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Surprise mail!

I have a cold (again!) and was all cranky this morning, then I heard the parcel delivery guy's truck (he never knocks on the door, charming man, just drops the parcel and runs). Thought it might be my Duckcloth fabric, but the package was waaaay heavy. Also it did seem a little over the top to address it 'The Lovely Lupin Bunny' if it was from someone I'd never met. Turned out to be a surprise gift from Badly Coloured Boy's Mum and her partner - a Yates guide! With all the sections on organic gardening, water-wise gardening, no dig gardens (BCB's mum is a big fan of the no-dig garden) and vegie growing bookmarked! How nice is that? Cheered me right up (well, that and the cold'n'flu tablet).

There was also a copy of the film The Machinist in there for BCB.

And here's how the Cardigan for Arwen is progressing. The cabling is not so difficult after all. I've even memorised the eight row repeat! Look at the IK model peering cheekily over the top of my needle. I ran into a friend in the library at uni the other day, and while he had no problem with the knitting, I noticed a supressed smirk at the name of the pattern. I too find the name, Cardigan for Arwen, a bit pretentious and over the top. And I'm not a massive fan of Lord of the Rings either. Never made it through the whole of any of the books or the films. Tried repeatedly with the books too. Any suggestions for an alternative name for my cardigan? I wanted to call it the Little Red Riding Hoodie, but that's already taken.


shannon said...

what a nice postie! my fabric delivery guy made a creepy comment to me last week about what times Im home for him to drop stuff off. Then yesterday he remembered my name. If I disappear blame him.

I wish he'd knock and run.

lupinbunny said...

Beats the delivery guy who once needed me to sign. "You're... Clare XXX?" "Yep." "Whoa! Your name sounds like a geographic location, not a real person! Uh, I mean, um, it's a nice name! Just sounds like a place..."