Thursday, May 17, 2007

my new favourite place to shop

On Kita's recommendation I went to Textile Traders yesterday. They're a chain of fabric shops in Perth which, unlike Spotlight (our other big chain) are situated awkwardly in semi-industrial areas (for the most part). But I was big and brave and drove on the freeway and it was worth it.
They had Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman, Denyse Schmidt, Andover Mills and Moda (I know, I'm mixing designers and manufacturers) quilting cottons for between $3.50 and $10 a metre!
I gots these:

Half a metre of Michael Miller Eiffel Towers, half a metre of Andover girl-faces, two metres of Moda Happy Go Retro, and two metres of Denyse Schmidt Retro Flea Market. For $12.75! Admittedly, the Moda has a flaw which I didn't notice until I got home - a small white fleck at regular intervals down the print, but as it falls right on the fold line it will end up in the seams of anything I make, I figure. The others are fine.
I held off on the Retro Rocket Michael Miller print (I don't actually like it much, but I have flannelette pyjamas made out of a very, very similar print, and I was kind of excited by making something that matched my PJs... till I realised I didn't really want something that matched my PJs).
I broke my 'no yellow' rule for the Retro Flea Market. I hate yellow, as a general rule, so if I'm momentarily attracted to a yellow something I try not to buy it. Because guaranteed I'll dislike it when I get it home. But this matches my kitchen real well, and is kind of apricot, not yellow. Right? It's going to be an apron and an oven glove, I think. And maybe the backs of some placemats if I have enough over.
Any ideas on what to do with the rest? I bought the Moda imagining it as pyjamas, but maybe something else is a better idea? I can't turn the Eiffel Towers into anything homewaresy - just as I have an irrational hatred of yellow, so does Badly Coloured Boy feel the same way about pink. So, no towel trim or cushions or anything.


pen & purl said...

Hey lupinbunny,

Love the pink towers and grey faces. Are they in Osbourne Park?

Apologies if you have an aversion to memes or have done this one already, but I've tagged you for 'Seven Random Things'. Check out my blog at for the rules if you want to participate. :)

KnitXcorE said...

AWESOME FABRIC!!!!! i love it all epesh the yallow print:)

Michelle said...

oh, i like the Go Retro plasma cells, only other immunology science geeks would get that one.

geeking out