Sunday, May 06, 2007

noro ponderables.

Yes, I'm back. I'm obviously alive and recovering (if you discount the traffic jam in my sinuses) (and no thanks to the lurkers who didn't wish me well *sniff* we can tell who won't be inheriting what stash I have, should the next sickness carry me off), but there were a few leery moment there. I called in sick to work. The first time in eight years I've done that. The twenty hour period where my physical illness was compounded by the discovery that I had completely failed to complete (or even start) an tutorial paper due last Thursday was a particularly squicky moment. Adding anxiety-based stomach cramps to fever and sniffles isn't fun kids. Don't try it at home.
However, that's all sorted out now, I'm on the mend, the sun is shining again.

I'm trying to work out what to what to do with my new yarn. I'm a little unsure whether the Noro colourway is too pretty for me, or a little too intense as a piece of clothing.

What do we all think? I would wear any of the colours individually, I just worry that all together it's a little... well, that felt-art-and-macrame-lovin' bogie is rearing her head again, y'know?
So I'm not going to leap straight into Tithe just yet. I was browsing Flickr to see what other people made with their Noro (in short: entrelac scarfs and Lizard Ridge throw rugs), and I found this:

The original page is just here, but I wanted to post the actual image, so those of you who are too lazy to follow a link still got to see. The model/ designer, TamaraKnits has some lovely knits. It's a pity she doesn't blog.

Isn't the intarsia an unusual use of the slow colour changes in noro? I'm quite intrigued by it. I think it looks great, and is very, very clever. I've also decided that I like Noro striped (alternating with itself or a plain yarn), but not cabled or lace-knit. So that narrows down any potential wearables a little (with Tithe still being a distinct possibility, if I head down the wearables road).


marirob said...

I love that colorway - Noro is so fun to knit with. I love that sweater you showed, but I am scared of intarsia. I think everyone should have at least one noro sweater in their closet!

pen said...
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pen & purl said...

Hey, glad you're feeling better! See you tonight if you make it. :)

Scribbles & Bits said...

Glad you're feeling better! I've never knit with Noro, but I've eyeballed the striped scarf that Brooklyn Tweed just finished and I'm also guilty of considering the entrelac path. And oh yeah, sick and anxious: totally not good. I guess I should have mentioned that before, then you wouldn't have had to try it to find out. ;-)

Clementine said...

i'm glad you're not dead. although i totally plan on stealing your finger bones if you do die.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

So sorry you have been ill!

KnitXcorE said...

that sweater is crazy! but i love it...... feel better.