Sunday, May 20, 2007

things is growing

Remember this? Well, four weeks in an things have grown.

You can tell, right? Well, in case you can't here's what that wussy little beet seedling looks like now. With some garlic to the right of it.

My knitting's grown too. I've finished the back of the Cardigan for Arwen:

Instead of whipstitching up the facing I used a provisional cast on, and just k2tog'ed when the back was the same length as the facing. Neat, huh?
Now I'm onto the cables and, uh, I never thought about it before, but I've never cabled anything more complex than Knitty's Fetching. These cables are really, really hard. Not just complex, but reversible, so I'm throwing a whole heap of unexpected purls into knit rows and vice versa.

I was disrupted from photographing the beets by Badly Coloured Boy arriving home from doing the shopping. When he saw me outside he rapped on the kitchen window and beckoned for me. When I signalled 'give me a minute' he shook his head, and made bunny ears. He bought me a bunny-rabbit! Well, no. Turns out one of our neighbours has just got two biggish kittens and they were exploring our carport. He thought I might want to come and play with them (he was dead right). I love the little kitties, and to make things worse, our lease explicitly allows cats. And one of BCB's friends is trying to find a new home for his kitties Belle (old and fat) and Sebastian (young and springy). It's so tempting, but I have to keep reminding myself I'm allergic. They're fun to play with, not to keep. Whenever BCB says 'No, for your own good' when I ask for a kitty I ask him for a bunny. Today he said 'Well, you better check with the landlord. That's the first step.' That is distinctly not a 'no'. Someone talk me out of saddling myself with a largeish rodent please. Why does 'but I could cuddle it!' seem to outweigh 'food costs money, you might want to move house or even States, it's hard to go on holiday, you're surrounded by predatory cats' on the list of pros and cons?


Michelle said...

bunnies are smelly. kitties are nice.

KnitXcorE said...

AWWW! kitties :-) the beets are getting big as is the sweater. Lol @ belle and sebastian.