Thursday, May 17, 2007

seven random things

Yep, this meme's still goin'. I'm quite excited - it's the first time I've been tagged. Here goes:

1. Penguin have the publishing rights to a novella I wrote. It won a competition, with part of the prize being that my work was published by them. That bit never happened (unfortunately), and I never asked for the rights back, so technically they still have 'em.

2. I hate the sensation of having toenails. I keep them clipped below the quick all the time. I find having the white bit of the nail quite uncomfortable, especially on my big toes. I think I might have wrecked my feet ballet dancing as a tween, because I mentally associate that discomfort especially with ballet shoes.

3. I am often assumed to be vegetarian, though I'm not. And I never tell people I am. Though as a matter of personal choice I never eat red meat or poultry during the day, and try to eat vego dinners a couple of times a week. The Western world consumes far too much meat. And I only eat free range, if I can help it (though if you invite me round for dinner I'll eat your factory chicken without saying a word). Badly Coloured Boy and I eat kangaroo instead of beef, as it's a far more environmentally friendly meat for Australians to consume. Astonishingly high in iron and low in fat too. One day I'll blog about about the benefits of roo for your general edification.

(gosh, this is quite hard! Harder than I expected!)

4. I'm an only child. Make of that what you will.

5. Sometimes I read the birth notices in the newspaper and count how many children have a name with an inappropriately placed X or Y in it, then work out that number a percentage of children in the birth notices.

6. I'm going to buy a new pair of sneakers tonight. The streetwear kind (I don't exercise...). It will be my first new pair of sneakers since 2001, which is pretty awful, considering I wear them nearly every day.

7. I learnt to knit with fluffy blue acrylic/mohair on yellow needles with pineapples on the ends. The yarn got snagged on the pineapple leaves alot.

So, am I interesting enough for y'all?


shannon said...

Hey I read the birth notice also!! I like to scoff at bogan names...oh look another Jaxon! I bet he'll be friend with Taylah....

Because my childrens names are perfectly cool you see.

KnitXcorE said...

haha... i always get mistaken for a vegatarian too. everyone assumes b/c i eat weel and wear glasses that i won't eat a burger.

KnitXcorE said...