Tuesday, April 10, 2007

bad girl! *slaps wrist*

i used to be so good with money. now that i'm living below the poverty line (no, no joke) as soon as the stuff is in my grasp it's out again. i cleaned out my drawers on the weekend, and found christmas money i'd stashed with my smalls, then forgotton about.
so today i bought a kit with a quilting ruler, quilting mat and rotary cutter; and some fabric. the kit was because i was driven to distraction making that second needle roll. the fabrics had been cut very unevenly, and i had little to assist me in the creation of straight lines and right angles. and ive bought a copy of In Stitches (see, the money again... *sigh*) and you can make very little out of that book without some things that help you rule straight lines.

then, since i was in the area, i decided to just take a peek in calico & ivy for some inspiration. while i've been wanting some fresh, cool fabric the idea of picking some out online was a bit too much. i wanted someone to just hand me a set of things that looked good together. and C&I have bucketloads of sets of fat quarters. now, for the Crafty Action girls accustomed to C&I service, here's the surprise: they had no fat quarter sets i liked, but i really liked the echino range. so they OFFERED to make me up a set, with AS MANY or AS FEW fat quarters as i liked (i picked four, to be a good girl), and they HELPED me pick a nice set of coordinating pretties. i was very, very impressed. maybe they just prefer quilters to knitters.

so, here's the sixty-four dollar question: what do i make with my fat quarters? they're interior decorating weight cotton. they'd make pretty cushion covers, and the colours are perfect for the living room, but i'm a little tempted by this bag, but then i'm worried the bag is too little for my needs, and the print's too large for the patchwork.

i guess in a perfect world i'd have a pattern for a roomy bag with a soft-ish shape, the potential for a little bit of patch work action, a base, and a zip closure. i guess like this, or this, or maybe this, or even this.
(can you guess who made the last handbag i bought?)


spider_knit said...

AhhhhHH! You totally stole my
favourite fabrics!

That's what I get for telling you how much I liked that fabric range and how they weren't *that* expensive after all :)

I reserve the right to use them for my stuff later too without any claims of copying you ;-P

lupinbunny said...

done and done.
when i walked in they really did catch my eye more than anything else. and we all know i'm in a purple patch right now.

littlemissmeshell said...

Ahh, gooooorgeous, yum, yum. I am so getting some of that when I need more ripple blanket yarn from C&I! =)

That bag is gorgeous, I did one similar from one of my Japanese books, you should definitely go for it, lovely shape and not too complicated at all!