Friday, April 27, 2007

stop that door!

echino fabric mark two:

a pyramid doorstop. i'd intended to put up a bit of a basic pattern and instructions, but getting the points to meet and the little grabby loop to fit in as well turned out to be astonishingly difficult. no instructions could adequately describe the sewing and ripping five times over that i suffered. for this:

(also proof that i made two endpaper mitts. bonus points if you spot the nekkid lady on my singlet before you read this sentence). the doorstop was based on one by Holly Daze, that i saw in a magazine. retailing at $29, and in limited edition hand screenprinted fabrics, i'd recommend a purchased one, if they're sold near you.

in other areas, i have nothing to knit. i'm waiting on yarn from the knithappens sale, i've decided my mystery project (a swing coat) is not really worth my time anymore. i've lost interest. i was thinking of using this up out of my stash: the mystical creations yarn i bought before christmas

silk/ wool blend, and so sticky i think frogging is not really an option. i have about 140 yards. and this yarn reminds me of the ocean. my ideas so far are a lacy capelety thing, a one skein wonder, or a wavy lace scarf... i'm rather leaning towards the cloud bolero... i wonder if a 34" bust could get away with 140 yards? any other suggestions?


KnitXcorE said...

hehe. that doorstop is effin' cute!

DelightfulJen said...

I realised I saw the Holly Daze one as well, after I had made mine, great minds :)

Yours is much neater looking than the one I came up with!

Bex said...

Oh i got some of the MCY too! Too bad shes no longer on Etsy, i wanted to get some more :(