Saturday, April 14, 2007


i was cutting the fabric for my bag (1 and 3, incidentally, after much handwringing), and i cut the tree & bird panel on the left of design 1 rather off centre. it wasn't my fault. really. because when you turn it over, you can see the red tree print through the fabric, but not the paler, leafy outlined tree. so i cut centring the red tree. which means in order not to sew over parts of the leafy tree, i have a seam allowance of, oh... 2mm?
so i'm going to see if i can get another fat quarter of that print. stupidly expensive, but i figured i'd rather do that than have my fabulous bag bugging the hell out of me every time i used it.
plan b is just to lop half an inch off the bag width, so the bird and tree print is centred on a narrower-than-intended strip, with a little off the leafy tree lopped off, and the red tree butting up against the seam.

i'm also going to topstitch round every square i think. though i'm worried this will look too busy. i'm more worried the weight of my laptop will rip out the seams though.

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