Friday, April 20, 2007

bits & pieces

there's been no real progress on the knitting front, i'm afraid. too busy. i have managed to bite my nails to pinkish shreds (i'm so good at externalising stress), but you don't want to see that. i showed my friend, and he gasped and made little wincing faces.

instead, i'm going to show you all some Cool Stuff (TM) that ive found recently.

this is a detail from 'Tokyo Winters', a screenprint by Brooke Bobridge. i don't normally do cute, girly art (spending much of one's major analysing Interior Scroll will do that to a girl), but this i could hang on my wall. or any of bobridge's prints, actually. they're a mere $60, signed and numbered, and for sale at Keith & Lottie.

also at Keith & Lottie is this most fabulous t-shirt, by australian designer Princess Tina/ Beci Orpin.

i do not have $69 to spend on a t-shirt right now. if anyone does, please, feel free to purchase it for me. i'd be a medium. and also yours for life.

1 comment:

Lara said...

Oooh what an awesome screen print - nice find!!

Thanks for the very lovely comment on my blog! Funny you should mention on-selling the moo cards - I just got an email from Moo asking if they could have my designs in their "stock library" so people could order their own. Crazy huh.

Thanks again :) :)