Monday, April 09, 2007

pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain!

i was going to go all high-class model on y'all, but since i wore the dress out for easter breakfast i figured i'd just snap a photo then. bear in mind that i'm feeling a bit queasy from pancakes here, and i am a little worried about how well i'm matching our very late 70s decor.

badly coloured boy an i agreed the dress is alot less Curtain with the red tights. the inevitable contrast lining is here:

the only fabric in the whole of spotlight in that nice plum purple was a poly-cotton pre-crushed number *shudder* so i bought some, and steam-ironed it for a good fifteen minutes. what do you know, pre-crushing ain't so permanent as you might think! the floral was also the nicest thing i've seen in spotlight for a long time.

a tip for anyone else making this dress with the little sleeve ties: when sewing the band (floral) to the band facing (purple), sew it band side up. not the most intuitive way to feed it through the machine (for me, anyway), but much, much easier to get a neat finish next to where the band ends and the sleeve cuts up a bit.

the dress length is squarely between the length of View A and View B on the packet envelope. a length i really like. when you see my grey Space Invader dress you'll get an idea of where View B falls on me.
I also ran the side seams in a little extra on this dress. it seemed a little loose for whatever reason. i mean, i know it's A-line, but it seemed looser than my other dresses.


melissa said...

that's really beautiful! i especially like it with the red tights!

shannon said...

very cool! And im impressed its spotlight fabric. May have to make a trip....

DelightfulJen said...

Oooh, I saw this picture of your dress on Craftster. Nice job, I love the fabric!