Monday, April 23, 2007


seems i spoke too soon. all but three of my beet seedlings died in the night. damnit. i think i broke their little rooties when i tried to split up the multiple seedlings in each little pocket of the container.

can't decide whether to try and grow some from seed (no roots to damage), or to give up and plant cauliflower.

change of subject from morbid thoughts of death and damage: giftwrap!

presents that have recently been gifted. all to the same person, actually. since the packages weren't a good shape to stack one atop the other (the needle roll ruined it, also the largest base package was an unframed matted etching, and i was leery of squashing it) i went with two stacked packages; one pink and frou-frou, one blue and kind of spunky. the silver ribbon is just wired, and not tied in a bow, so it sticks up. the pink rosette (is that the right word?) was made by leaving extra long tails. i tied a bow, then tied another bow with the ends of the first, then a third bow with the ends again, then tucked the remaining ends under the rosette to make two more loops. looked very swanky, i thought.

i love the look of beautifully wrapped presents. makes whatever is inside look more special.


risa said...

i too love a beautifully wrapped gift.

KnitXcorE said...

AWWWS! i'm trying to grow some parsley seeds now. i hope they make it. those gifts look gorgeous.