Sunday, April 08, 2007

i've been a busy 'un

another needle roll, for mah mum (shh! it's a birthday surprise!) check out the awesome water-print (is there a better word for that?) grosgrain ribbon that i found. also, the needle roll tutorial is now illustrated.

i've also made two dresses, but i'm going to let badly coloured boy bring home lots of lights and camera and action to photograph me. also, i'm a little unsure of said dresses. i REALLY liked the grey one, till BCB said it was 'nice, but it does make you look a little stocky'. and the floral one has this awesome graphic print... sadly, i underestimated my ability to look like i'm wearing a curtain. also the neck facing is a bit of a mess, and i don't really care because of said curtainality. i'll let you all judge me when i have photos.

i've also completely finished one endpaper mitt, complete with fancy-pants tubular bind off. i'm a wee bit disappointed. it looks nice, but i'm really not finding it as elastic as everyone seems to think it is. i had to redo both the hand and thumb cast off to make them looser, so the cast off would stretch out enough.

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Scribbles & Bits said...

Ok, when I'm catching up on old posts, I generaly try not to comment until I get to the most recent, but I thought I'd mention that the watermark-look ribbon is called moire (with a little accent over the "e"). Anyway, I think the needle roll is lovely!