Thursday, April 12, 2007

a library bag

i've decided that's what my echino fabric will become. not tremendously exciting, but fact is i carry my laptop and papers to uni every day in a calico tote bag/ shopping bag (you know, two rectangles with handles). it is getting so gross and old it is actually worn and discoloured from where it rubs against my hip when i walk.

a swanky new version of the two-rectangles-with-handles is in order, i think. i've decided against a base and 'sides', unless someone can give me a compelling reason why i shouldn't just sew my two rectangles together. it will be lined with pale blue striped shirting fabric.

now, here's where you all come in. i can't decided what patchwork design i like. the front and the back can be different, but here's the options i've narrowed it down to.

i think i like the first, fourth and fifth best. which do you like?


shannon said...

I like #2. God that fabric is ace, I had a look at their site and cant figure out how you ordered it?

I am a spazz though.

Michelle said...

I like #1.

marirob said...

I like #1 - I kept looking over them and that's the one that my eyes returned too.

Can't wait to see how your bag turns out!

christina said...

That fabric is amazing!

I like an asymmetrical look, so I vote for #1 also :)

littlemissmeshell said...

1st, 2nd and fourth!

And you know, you can still have a base with the easy peasiness of two rectangles sewn together, just turn it inside out afterwards and 'pop' the bottom corner triangles to the other direction and sew a line across them. That makes no sense in written form but tres simple. I think it would look great without though anyway!

Amber said...

I like 1, definetly.

Clementine said...

yeah, ditto what missmeshell said. plus the base will make it easier to rummage around in.

number 1 is the go, i reckon. and the one with the middle stripe, whatever number that was, for the other side.

Elizabeth said...

Number 2. Oh, and I decided to go to law school, even against your warnings. If it sucks, I can just go back to baking and knitting. $30,000 in the hole.

KnitXcorE said...

hahaha.... i agree with the first and fourth.

Stomper Girl said...

I can't say anything sensible about the bag, beyond that the fabric is gorgeous but I just called over to say


You are so cool.